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Intuitive forest representation in multi-scale maps for hikers. Tapanainen, T. Luonnossaliikkujan kulkukelpoisuusanalyysin parantaminen tarkoilla maastotiedoilla. Pro gradu, Geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitos, Helsingin yliopisto. Aatos, S. Tuokko, Sektoritutkimuksen neuvottelukunta, Bergenheim, W. Master thesis. University of Art and Design Helsinki. Test of Schema Transformation Capable Applications.

Sand dune - Country Report, Finland

Tollmar, User Study Guidelines. Deliverable 1. Munos Sevilla, Initial user studies. Kettunen, Rehrl, eds. Viewshed analysis and visualization of landscape voxel models. Cuch, Finnish Geodetic Institute, Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography, internal project report, 8 s.

Kolmiulotteisen tiedon visualisointi stereoprojektorilla.

By Keith Brown and Jim Miller

Jokapaikan spatiaalinen vuorovaikutus. Ylirisku, In Cartwright, W. Lehn, eds. Comparison of distribution strategies in uncertainty-aware catchment delineation.

Elzakker, C. Pucher, eds. Pucher, Editorial, Caring for the Users. Karttasovellukset mobiililaitteissa. Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Maanmittaustieteiden laitos, 96 s. Coordinate transformation services. Poutanen, M. Geodeettisen laitoksen julkaisuja, No , s, osastojen yhteisjulkaisu.


Voxel approach to landscape modelling. User Interfaces and Adaptive Maps. In: Shekhar, S. Xiong, eds. Nuuksio tulevaisuuden kartoilla. Luku oppaassa Ahola, J. Artikkelissa Ahola, J. Weckman, S. Doctoral dissertation, Helsinki University of Technology.

PPPF Predictive Preventive Personalized Familial Care of Neurodiseases at KUH NeuroCenter

Mackaness, W. Chapter 17 in: Mackaness, W. In: Mackaness, W. Kildal, Initial development of a PDA mobility aid for visually impaired people. Usability Perspectives for the Design of Interactive Maps. Gartner, G. Morita eds. User requirements for location-aware information. Usability Evaluation of Web Map Sites. Usability Problems of Web Map Sites. Human-Computer Studies, 65 9 : Oulasvirta, A. Conceptual models of generalisation and multiple representation.

Chapter 2 in: Mackaness, W. Peterson eds. Puheenjohtajan katsaus: SKS — Chapter 7 in: Mackaness, W. Kartografian ja geoinformatiikan tutkimuksen suuntaviivoja Suomessa.

Towards ubiquitous geospatial services. Kuittinen, Establishing a test environment for ubiquitous geospatial applications. Distributed computation of drainage basin delineations from uncertain digital elevation models. JUHTA, Paikkatietojen mallintaminen tiedonsiirtoa varten, JHS-luonnos. Introduction to open source Web mapping communities and open geostandards for Webmapping. Schema Transformation as a Web Service.

Digital elevation model error in terrain analysis. Doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki. Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, N:o Kirkkonummi, 51 p. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki. Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, No Uncovering the statistical and spatial characteristics of fine toposcale DEM error. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 20 4 : Ahokas, E.

Optimization of the scanning angle for countrywide laser scanning. Harrie, L. Fisher ed. SVG-vektorigrafiikka mobiileissa karttasovelluksissa Eng. Jakobsson, A. Huttunen, Geodeettisen laitoksen tiedote 28, s. Suomen Kartografinen Seura - kansallinen kartografian ja geoinformaatiotieteen yhdistys. Data Integration as a Web Service.

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Real-time generalization of XML-encoded spatial data for the Web and mobile devices. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 19 In: Meng, L.

Open road line source model - Finnish Meteorological Institute

Reichenbacher eds. Nivala, A-M. Adapting Map Symbols for Mobile Users. In: Hauska, H. Tveite eds. Error propagation analysis of DEM-based drainage basin delineation. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26 14 The EVRS and the need for contour updating in national topographic maps.

СОСТАВ ВОДКИ. Вред и польза водки. Чем хорошая водка отличается от плохой?

The GiMoDig public final report. Koivula, Web generalisation service in GiMoDig - towards a standardised service for real-time generalisation. In: Toppen, F. Painho, eds. Afflerbach, S. In: Fisher, P. In: G. Gartner ed. Illert, Forsmark, Interruptions in Mobile Map Environments. A seminar essay as a part of the seminar "Interruptions and Intelligent Environments", Helsinki University of Technology, 13 p.