Essay on use and misuse of nuclear energy

The chain reaction generates the energy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Nuclear Power, Social Media, and The Quest for Knowledge

The energy turns water into steam. The steam releases pressure.

The key role of the back-end in the nuclear fuel cycle | American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The steam pressure is directed to turn a turbine that is coupled to a generator. The turning turbine triggers the generator to produce electricity. The main difference lies in how the heat is created. Power plants powered by fossil fuels burn oil, coal or natural gas to produce heat.

In a nuclear power plant, heat generation stems from splitting of atoms, a process known as nuclear fission.

The process of splitting a nucleus into two is called nuclear fission. Millions of uranium nuclei occur inside every uranium fuel pellet. When splitting of these nuclei takes place, a vast quantity of energy is released. A small percentage of this energy emanates from radiation, but the biggest percentage comes from kinetic energy. This kind of energy is the one utilized to generate heat inside the reactor. Here is a comprehensive view of the disadvantages of nuclear energy:.

The radioactive waste coming from nuclear power plants is a great threat to Mother Nature and humans.

Essay: Nuclear Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

The devastating effects of Chernobyl disaster still linger in our minds, where the grave effects on humans can be seen even today. According to records, about 30, people died in the Chernobyl disaster, and over 2. Only a few years back, a huge nuclear crisis occurred in Japan on March 8.

Although the casualty rate was significantly lower than the Chernobyl disaster, the environmental impacts were disastrous. People who work at nuclear power plants and live near those areas are at high risk of facing nuclear radiations, if it happens. Radioactive material is considered waste after it has spent more than 3 years in the reactor producing heat and electricity. This waste comes from nuclear reactors and needs to be disposed of or stored safely and conveniently considering they are highly dangerous and can let off radiations if disposed of incorrectly.

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The reason it has to be disposed of safely and appropriately is that it is able to emit radiations even after thousands of years. The storage or disposal of radioactive waste is the main reason slowing down expansion of nuclear energy. Water is able to offer remarkable cooling and shielding, which means a typical reactor can have its fuel removed under water and safely transferred into a storage pool.

After more than 5 years, the waste can be transferred into dry ventilated concrete containers. However, the radioactive waste can stay safely in the pool for over 50 years. Another practical disadvantage of using nuclear energy is that it needs a lot of investment to set up a nuclear power station. Constructing a nuclear power plant requires massive capital outlay.

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Eutrophication is extensive enrichment of the lake and other water bodies by nutrients, mostly due to runoff from land. This process causes dense growth of plant life eventually leading to death of aquatic life as a result of lack of oxygen. Despite the high level of sophistication of the safety systems of nuclear power plants the human aspect has always an impact. The Chernobyl nuclear accident is, by far, the worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear energy.

After Chernobyl 's nuclear acchident, the nuclear accident in Fukushima is considered as the the second worst accident in the history.

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The constructed nuclear reactors have an expiration date. Then, they've to be dismantled, so that main countries producing nuclear energy could maintain a regular number of operating reactors. Nuclear plants have a limited life. Nuclear power plants generate external dependence.

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Current nuclear reactors work by fission nuclear reactions. This was the first and the last time that nuclear energy was used in a military attack. Later, several countries signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but the risk that nuclear weapons could be used in the future will always exist. Currently the generation of electricity in nuclear reactors is done by nuclear fission reactions.