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Otherwise, you would be claiming the original author used words that he or she did not use.

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But be careful not to change too many words! You could accidentally change the meaning of the quotation, and falsely claim the author said something they did not. For example, let's say you want to quote from the following passage in an essay called "United Shareholders of America," by Jacob Weisberg:. When you quote, you generally want to be as concise as possible. Keep only the material that is strictly relevant to your own ideas.

So here you would not want to quote the middle sentence, since it is repeated again in the more informative last sentence.

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However, just skipping it would not work -- the final sentence would not make sense without it. So, you have to change the wording a little bit. In order to do so, you will need to use some editing symbols. Your quotation might end up looking like this:. The brackets around the word [money] indicate that you have substituted that word for other words the author used.

To make a substitution this important, however, you had better be sure that [money] is what the final phrase meant -- if the author intentionally left it ambiguous, you would be significantly altering his meaning. That would make you guilty of fraudulent attribution. Among the many guides to writing at university, one of the clearest accounts of how to reference sources and avoid plagiarism is that of Kennedy who gives examples of different ways of referencing.

Why should I use literary quotations?

In the writing you do at university you will be expected to demonstrate both knowledge of your subject and the ability to go and acquire that knowledge. This means that you will have to go and look at the work of others. In academic writing, you must say where — i. You must give clear details of the book title, the date it was published, who published it and where. This is called referencing.

MLA: Using Sources Correctly

Review five different methods for including the words of another writer or information from a research resource into the text of your paper. Find models and suggestions for citing Creative Commons images, video clips, music, or other materials. Learn how to create an annotated bibliography for a class assignment or for your own use as a researcher and writer. Learn more about Zotero — a citation management tool to help you keep track of and organize various references for papers and projects.

Using Quotations

Search Site. Today's Hours Integrating Sources in the Text of Your Paper. Direct Quotation Definition : The use of the exact words of the writer, often in complete sentences, surrounded by quotation marks. Benefit of using this strategy : There is never any doubt that you have given credit to the source. Partial Direct Quotation used to remove text from the middle of a quotation Definition: The use of a direct quotation in which a middle section of the quote has been removed. Partial Direct Quotation used in the same sentence along with your own wording Definition: The use of a direct quotation in which the beginning or end of the quote has been revised so that the sentence may be introduced or completed by your own words.

Format guidelines for Block Quotation: MLA: Block quotations, or direct quotations longer than 4 lines of text, should be indented one inch from the left margin. Paraphrasing Definition: The use of information from a source that has been reinterpreted and rewritten in the words, structure, and context of a different author. APA Style, 6th ed. Chicago Notes-Bibliography Style , 17th ed.

How Often Should I Quote?

Chicago Author-Date Style , 17th ed. Turabian Author-Date Style , 9th ed. ASA Style, 5th ed. Using Information from Sources in the Text of a Paper Review five different methods for including the words of another writer or information from a research resource into the text of your paper.

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