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Vintage Murmur writes:. In my old life I knew where I stood. And then I was catapulted back into university — same place, new century. My age is the first big cue to set me apart. But how to ease into this life? How to find an acceptable middle ground that goes some way to sharing the student experience? So what to wear at uni? So what about you? What not to wear: the academic edition. What not to wear: the academic edition part two. Then, that finished, I got dressed properly, did my hair, put on some make-up to work on the more plodding stuff of the day. I wear sloppy cloths….

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I love this…can you please do a poll as to how old you can be to still wear converse trainers? My friends and I um in our mid 30s argue about this all the time. When I spoke to my head of school at the beginning of my post grad journey I told her I wanted a career where I could legitimately wear birkenstocks everywhere. She was wearing them when we spoke…. Meeting with the Dean to negotiate a new program? Coding html in the office? Totally different clothes each time!

I think the major change is between producing the research pyjamas and unwashed hair , which is all about me and my brain, and communicating that knowledge to other people high heels and lipstick , which is all about looking professional and competent. A few years ago, there was a spate of blogs about fashion in the academy. I agree with Sarah Wayland ; I wear Converse trainers all the time too!

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However, I have a conference to attend next month and I think black ballerina flats would be more appropriate! What I do know is that, typical of many victims, I blamed myself. Plain beige tee-shirt? I blame that tee for making me look a frumpy, middle-aged nonentity. Oh, and book the overdue hair appointment. I wonder how often other people choose their wardrobe as a defensive shell?

I wish I could — would save me a lot of time I think.

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For me, I need to be ready — showered, hair dried, dressed in non-sleep wear and finished breakfast — before I can tackle my day. When you choose what to cover in your thesis you are choosing your battleground for the thesis defence, so the best strategy is to stick to the material you know best in your writing!

Make sure you have read through your complete thesis at least once before your defence, so you know what you have written about. You will be nervous before your examination. You will almost certainly get an adrenaline rush, which can set your heart racing, give you sweaty palms, make your stomach churn and make you want to go to the toilet 10 times in 20 minutes. This is normal!

The worst part is the waiting before you start because there isn't much you can do to use up all that nervous energy. But once the defence starts, you can do some things to keep it under control. One symptom of nerves is to talk really fast and to try to show how much you know and speak in this kind of long stream of consciousness that diverges away from the question until you forget what the actual question was but then you don't know how to get back to the point and so you just keep talking and that makes you more nervous and how are you going to get off this train of thought Try to slow down and give yourself time to breathe.

Once you have answered, stop talking!

Remember that the examiners expect you to be a bit nervous in your thesis defence, and they will help you through if necessary. It is OK to ask them to repeat or clarify a question.

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It is OK to pause to think. It is OK to take a sip of water if you need to! Success or failure is determined mainly by the content of your thesis. If your research is good, and you actually did the work, it is highly unlikely that a nervous performance in your defence will lead to failure.

Generally speaking, once your thesis is submitted, there isn't much you can do to affect the outcome positively or negatively. Read through your thesis, read up on one or two key points if necessary, practice your presentation, and trust that whatever happens you will be OK. How to write a thesis you can defend easily. Your email will never be shared nor sold.

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Please note that this course opportunity is intended for graduate students in the final stages of their degree requirements. Check the Graduation Deadlines calendar often. In graduate school, as in professional life, missing deadlines has consequences. Missing the GS2 Plan of Study filing deadline incurs late fees. Extenuating circumstances may include personal illness or injury, sudden illness of an immediate family member or committee member, military deployment, and visa issues. They do not include job-related or personal travel, scheduling of your defense too close to — or on the day of — the submission deadline please do not do this!

If you think you may be late with initial submission of your ETD and have a legitimate reason, discuss options with your advisor and send an email to Manuscript Review.