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There maybe a few anomalies, but most points go through the line of best fit, with the other points close to it. From evaluating my evidence, I have come to a conclusion that the length of wire does affect the resistance. This is shown by my tables as the length of wire increases, the resistance also increases. My graph also supports this, as it is a strong positive correlation as one variable increases, the other variable also increases.

I tried to make my results as accurate as possible by firstly, making sure that it was a fair test as stated earlier in the coursework. Everything was adhered to so as the results could be accurate and concise. The temperature was kept the same, the width of the wire was kept the same and also the type of wire was kept the same. However, I feel I could have made by results more accurate and reliable to support my prediction and aim.

Because I may have a made a few mistakes such as the way the crocodile clips were moved, could have hindered my results, which were the movement of the clips. The voltmeter and ammeter sometimes did not work properly so I had to change them and get a new one, which could have affected my results. However, as I carried out this experiment on different days, the room temperature may have been different, which may have also affected my results and also hindered my experiment, as there was an anomaly in test 1.

I had difficulties in taking some results as power packs made the wire dangerous, so as then the results could not be accurate enough as the temperature of the wire may affect the resistance. To improve this investigation, I could have used a variable resistor or rheostat, which is used to vary the current in a circuit. To make my results more accurate and to also improve this investigation, I could have used a more accurate digital ammeter and voltmeter, so as the results will be exact and will help me to get a more accurate result.

I could have also used a well calibrated ruler, so as I could have measured the exact length I wanted, as I may have made errors with this. To make and investigate the resistance further, I should have used different wires and tested them fully.

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  • How the Length of a Wire Affects its Resistance.

Whereas in the preliminary I took only one reading of three different wires, as do that I could familiarise myself with the investigation. I could have also changed such aspects as mentioned in the fair test section, such as changing the temperature to find out also if temperature in any way affects the resistance. I could have also changed and varied the width of the wire, as I have already found out that length of wire does affect resistance and whether the width also affects it.

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I could have also tested out different wire such as nickel chrome, Constantine as in the preliminary results to find out different resistances of different wires. I could have also, to make the investigation more accurate by measuring the temperature of the wire to find out whether different lengths of wires have different temperatures so as this may affect the resistance. Overall, I feel the investigation was a success, and I believe I have achieved my aim of finding out how the length of wire affects the resistance.

This is, as the length of wires increases, so does the resistance also increases, due to more electrons colliding with each other. I'm Amanda. Would you like to get a custom essay? How about receiving a customized one? Main article: Computer engineering. Main article: Education and training of electrical and electronics engineers. Electronics portal Engineering portal.

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