Reign of terror dbq essay

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Was the Reign Of Terror Justified? | Essay Example

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The reign of terror was it justified dbq essay

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Around one third of the 17, total executions were of the working class of France. The working class was the social and economic level at which the Jacobins, the largest and initial proponents of the Revolution, resided. These statistics clearly show that the Reign of Terror backfired and lost all direction from its original goal. Even those who supported the motives for a revolution were now being killed by the thousands 3. Even Georges Danton, one of the nine original members of the Committee of Public Safety when it assumed executive power over France April 6, , was executed April 5, Danton, along with many of his personal associates, was denied the right to defend himself due to a decree by the National Convention, which directly violated the French constitution.

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He was accused of taking multiple bribes and embezzling small portions of money in national exchanges. None of these accusations were backed by confirming evidence, yet he was convicted regardless 3. COUNTER - The executions during the Reign of Terror were necessary because they did temporarily silence the citizens of France and inhibited the possibility of a revolution for a short while.

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DBQ: Reign of Terror Essay Essay

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  • The Reign Of Terror, Was It Justified?!
  • The reign of terror was it justified dbq essay.
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